College Magazine

The college brings out the yearly issue of its magazine ‘Pushpita’ to explore the potential of students and to
provide them a platform to give words to the ideas that otherwise remain hidden in the inner recesses of
their minds. Students, having a flair for writing, may submit their articles within the specified dates for
publication in the magazine.

Magazine Committee
Mr. Manoj Kumar (Convener)
Dr. Ramesh Sharma (English Section)
Dr. Surinder Sharma (Cultural Section)
Dr. Asha Devi (Hindi Section)
Mr. Arun Kumar (Commerce Section)
Dr. Kamini Sharma (Pahari Section)
Mr. Sarwan Kumar (Planning Section)
Dr. Jagdish Sharma (Sanskrit Section)
Mr. Yashwant Shandil (Science Section)
Mr. Ravi Ram ( Sports Section)