Student Charter

Student Charter

Each student’s ability to learn and gain the best possible rewards from his /her college experience depends upon an environment which is conducive to learning and to activities which are consistent with the objectives of an academic institution.Govt. Degree College Arki Distt. Solan has adopted the following student’s charter to enunciate the commitments of the institution towards its studentsand to lay down the duties of the students towards the college.

Our commitments to you:

  • To provide academic, professional and personal support when you need it.
  • To develop your confidence and groom your personality, to help you fulfill your potential for excellence.
  • To adopt a student centric approach in teaching learning methodology and follow a Continuous Comprehensive Assessmentsystem,which is fair, transparent based on academic merit.
  • Use smarttechnology to support you and provide high quality resources and equipment for learning.
  • Access to a wide range of learning resources and facilityappropriate to your programme of study.
  • To give students decision making responsibility in many areas of college life and complete responsibility for some areas of students life.
  • Consult and listen to your grievances, and act on your feedback.
  • To providea safe environment where all students are treated equally with fairness and respect.
  • To provide guidance and support to the students through their constant mentoring via tutorials, remedial courses and career ounseling.
  • To offer clubs, societies, sports facilities and other extracurricular activitiesfor your overall development.

Your commitment as a student:

  • Prepare in advance and plan your workload. Complete all your work beforedeadlines and submitting it on time with attention to quality of work
  • Take part in academic and social activities.
  • Treat all members of the college community with respect and courtesy and be courteous and polite to the members of the local community.
  • To pursue youracademic study in a diligent, ethical and responsible manner.
  • Be prepared for and attend classes punctually and maintain an attendance rate of at least 75%.
  • Not to indulge in acts of ragging, slogan shouting, indiscipline and other disruptive activitiessuch asdamaging the property of the collegeor the use of intoxicants inside and outside the college campus.
  • To possess a clear and adequate knowledge of the various courses of your study, admission policy, CCA procedure and the bylaws of the college, HP University and the Department of Higher Education, Himachal Pradesh and the UGC as framed and implemented from time to time.
  • To provide guidance and support to the students through their constant mentoring via tutorials, remedial courses and career counseling.
  • To offer clubs, societies, sports facilities and other extracurricular activities for your overall development.
  • To provide honest and unbiased feedback on the quality and usefulness of teaching learning and other activities under taken by institution.
  • Discourage outsiders to enter the college campus and if you are aware of any unauthorized visitors, you must report this to a member of staff.
  • To become good citizens, students must discharge some duties.

Duties towards themselves:

Students must learn to have good health. This can be done by participating in sports and games. Character formation should go hand in hand. It includes goods habit, manners & etiquettes.

Duties towards the family:

Students also owe some duties towards their family as well. As Parents brought them into this beautiful world, so it is the responsibility of the students to repay this huge moral debt that they owe to their parents.

Duties towards Nation and Society:

As social beings, studentsmust participate in a big way to eradicate social evils like untouchbility, dowry,female foeticide etc. As educatedcitizens, students can also participate in spreading literacy and creating awareness among the villagers about their rights.Students should abide by the constitution of India and respect its ideals and institution, the National Flag and the National Anthem.