RUSA Report

The RUSA Advisory Committee of the college has done a commendable job under the supervision of its convener Dr. Daleep Sharma.

The College received grant of ` 2 crore from the central/state funding under RUSA in the year 2015.

The grant of ` 1.5 crore was utilized between the years 2015-17, according to the prescribed norms and standards.

The grant of ` 50 lakh which the College has received this year is also being spent for the up-lift-ment of the institutional development.

The IQAC cell had certain plans mentioned in the self-reviewed progress report of 2017-18 to NAAC, which are accomplished this year with the scrupulous intendance of Dr. Daleep Sharma, the co-ordinator of RUSA.

Achievements under RUSA 2018-19

✔ Sanitary napkin vending machines are installed in the College in the interest of girl students.

✔ 1 Water dispenser, 3 aqua guards and 1 water cooler is purchased.

✔ The entire College has been brought under the purview of CCTV surveillance with 30 cameras of high resolution.

✔ Three computers along with printers are purchased for the library in-house operations.

✔ Fast printing cum photocopying machines are purchased.

✔ UPS of 6KVA along with 16 batteries has been purchased for the IT Lab.

✔ 6 Park benches are purchased to facilitate students.

✔ The Principal’s office, staff-room has been renovated with PVC wall paneling and new furniture.

✔ 50 steel chairs with leather cushions, 5 executive chairs for the conference room and 5 office chairs are purchased.

✔ The IT lab was renovated with new flooring, the furniture was repaired and acoustics aluminum partition was done in the lab.

✔ Podium and digital teaching system has also been installed in the newly constructed multipurpose hall.

✔ The library has also been renovated with 32 steel chairs, 8 library tables and 1 magazine display board.

✔ New furniture has been purchased for the newly constructed Seminar room, multipurpose computer lab, and the conference room.

✔ Girl’s Common room has been refurnished with the dressing table and 8 chrome plated benches.

✔ 2 chrome plated benched are also installed in the waiting room to facilitate the visitors.

✔ The Chemistry lab has been renovated with steel stands and cup-boards.